Author: Julia Hepner


Will you support a new playground for TW?

CG Community Play Area flyer Final Have you thought that Calverley Grounds is missing a play area? Wondered why there’s no play area in the centre of town which also caters for older children?...

Photo opportunity/press interest 0

Photo opportunity/press interest

The Tunbridge Wells Times is interested in doing a big piece on the Hawkenbury development. Following a long chat today explaining the HVA’s objection to the DPD, The Times would like a picture of...

HVA’s response to Hawkenbury Development 0

HVA’s response to Hawkenbury Development

As promised, attached is the HVA’s formal response to the Site Allocations Consultation. Please submit your own comments (use the attached as a guide but DO NOT COPY IT!) by 5pm on 23 March...

Payment of Subs 0

Payment of Subs

Please note that the Reps should now pay subs to to Jenny Foy – Rita Young is no longer the membership secretary. Thank you