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Potholes  –  Correction – OOPS!! 0

Potholes – Correction – OOPS!!

POTHOLES  –  CORRECTION – OOPS!!  In the winter newsletter we gave the incorrect information for contacting the Kent Highways regarding notification of potholes. The correct website is:- Telephone number is:- 0300 041 8181

Hawkenbury cemetery 0

Hawkenbury cemetery

A Friends group for the cemetery is being set up and they are asking for support from our Members. They see the target membership/audience as Residents in the immediate vicinity The recently bereaved Other...

AXA/PPP parking update 0

AXA/PPP parking update

AXA/PPP have submitted an amended application for their ex-Land Registry site. They now contend that, with careful re-allocation of on-site parking and shared drivers, they no longer need to build an elevated parking deck (with associated ramp)...


The Rec

Julia Hepner has reported that the Rec is now open again and she has never seen it busier. She says that she has had lots of positive feedback and the children are really enjoying...

Committee for 2014/2015 0

Committee for 2014/2015

The following Committee Members offer themselves for re-election:- Michael Doyle, Jenny Foy, Leslie Webb, Wally Malins, Rita Young, Sue Ware, Julie Brodie, Graeme Gibson, Julia Hepner and Tony Pratt. Auditor: Mike Starkie Forum Representatives:Michael...

Annual General Meeting 2014 0

Annual General Meeting 2014

Please do join us on Saturday the 10th May 2014 at Sherborne Community Hall, Dorset Road at 8.00 pm. All our Members are warmly invited Our guest speaker this year is Mr Peter Every,...