Change to tennis courts

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5 Responses

  1. jarretty says:

    My husband and son regularly go to use the courts and my husband also plays with some other residents on Sundays especially.
    Although grass courts are lovely I agree that they can only be used certain times of the year and there are often people waiting to get on the other courts at other times.
    Could the courts be converted into all weather courts and maybe one of the many spaces allocated for a football pitch become a grass court? Just an idea

  2. Nigel Stevens says:

    As someone who plays on the courts year round I frequently find that during peak times (weekends, evenings and bank holidays) the hard court is in use and people waiting for it to become free. I also see other people turn up to play and finding that people are waiting they then leave disappointed. This is occasionally the case at other, non-peak times.
    I love the grass courts and think the grounds staff do a fantastic job to maintain them, even taking account of the kids that from time to time play football and cricket on them. Unfortunately the season during which the grass courts can be used is very short and often out of action when there is rain. I suspect at least 90% of the time the grass court area is not in use.
    So, on behalf of the people who just want to turn up an play tennis at any time of the year I would support either the creation of additional all-weather courts or the conversion of the grass ones to an all-weather surface to maximise the use of the space.

  3. Damen Biggs says:

    It would be a great shame if the grass courts were lost, it is very rare to find them available to anyone these days and are so nice to play on. The hard court is not actually used much in the winter so little would be gained by creating another one in any case. The grass court is a great asset to hawkenbury rec and should be cherished not ripped up.

  4. sally gummer says:

    For the last 3 years we have enjoyed the pleasure of playing tennis on free grass courts, which have been excellently maintained, it really would be sad to loose them

  5. Richard Stuart-Pennink says:

    Personally, I would be very much in favour of converting the two grass tennis courts into hard, all weather courts. The cost would be quite reasonable as the courts are side by side. Apart from the all year round playing advantage, hard courts generally require far less maintenance.
    With the resurgence of British tennis, this would be a very popular move.

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