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2 Responses

  1. Hawkenbury Village says:

    I have received the following comments from Berkeley Homes:

    Site Access
    The agreed access into the site is indeed as you suggest, from Forest Way, into Maryland Road and onto Hawkenbury Road. This route is confirmed within our Traffic Management Plan, which in turn is included within the Construction Environmental Management Plan, submitted and subsequently agreed with TWBC. We have contacted all of our contractors, in order to remind them of the above requirement and the fact that this is included within their contract appointments.

    Foul language
    We concur with the view that such behaviour is totally unacceptable and have notified all personnel accordingly.
    Anyone behaving in this manner will be dismissed immediately and we would ask that if anyone witnesses any reoccurrence, that they contact our Construction Manager immediately. Mr Andrew Lewis may be contacted at mobile telephone number 07766 7765872.

    Grass Verges
    We will inspect all damaged verges and agree / instruct the necessary repairs to these areas.
    At the same time, we would confirm that we will implement routine road sweeping, particularly during the winter months. We have also contacted KCC in order to seek permission to install timber posts, to more clearly define the acceptable boundary of the highway.

    We would confirm that our initial site parking area is now complete and all of our contractors / consultants have been informed, that parking beyond this area is now unacceptable.

    Considerate Construction
    All Berkeley Homes projects are registered with the Considerate Construction Scheme and with regard to Hawkenbury, we would ask you to note that the site will be eligible for a 2018 registration.

    If residents have any further comments, please leave them below.

  2. Comment via email says:

    We also would like to bring to their attention the construction hours which in the attached planning conditions are 08.00 to 18.00 Monday to Friday, and then 08.00 to 13.00 Saturdays.

    They have been starting at 7.30am, sometimes earlier, and this has been also the case on Saturdays, where they work all day. I also saw people working on Sunday’s. Last night I also heard a vibration sound that sounds like a generator until 11.15pm.

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