Damage to Maryland Road and surrounding areas

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  1. alan_g@talktalk.net says:

    Last week I was nearly hit by a truck carrying blocks which turned from Forest Road into Hawkenbury Road. I was walking around the corner when the truck came around but I did not realise it had a trailer. the trailer mounted the kerb and cut the corner, passing about 6″ from my shoulder. They are still using this route. This morning a similar truck and trailer left the site empty and went straight up Maryland Road and turned into Hawkenbury Road towards Forest Road. It was guided out of the site and up the road by a site operative.

    Also note that the crushed section of footpath has now been barriered off and a ‘Footpath Closed’ sign put up. It would be good to know when they are going to replace it.

    • Dean Kenward says:

      Thank you for your email and comments. Both issues were discussed at the meeting yesterday.

      KCC has agreed to a licence so that Berkeley Homes can put up signs directing traffic away from Hawkenbury Road. Berkeley Homes had signs up, but KCC forced them to take them down. Andy Lewis, from Berkeley Homes assured us yesterday that action will be taken against any contractor using Hawkenbury Road. Unfortuantely, I spotted 2 this morning on my dashcam and have send the footage to Berkeley Homes. The traffic management plan for the development prohibits them from using Hawkenbury Road. As such, I have also informed our local ward councillors and the enforcement officer at the TWBC. You can view the videos here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMjAk-7-bPpC0otyC0i89nA?view_as=subscriber

      The footpath has been closed for safety reasons. Berkeley Homes will make a temporary repair tomorrow (Thursday) and have applied to KCC for a street licence to make a permanent repair. The licence will take between 2 to 3 weeks and the pavement will be repaired by the end of April. Under normal circumstances, Berkeley Homes are not legally permitted to repair an adopted road, even if they caused the damage.

      I hope that addresses both your issues.

  2. Barbara Sears says:

    Construction traffic is not supposed to use Hawkenbury Road, but the signage is inappropriately placed and thus useless. There have been numerous incidents of heavy vehicles having problems trying to get along the road and then having to perform tricky and dangerous manoeuvres when they get stuck. A neighbour tried to report this last week and was assured by Berkeley head office that the concerns would be passed to the site. However, to date, nothing seems to have been done.

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