Desecration of ancient woodland

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4 Responses

  1. Richard Stuart-Pennink says:

    I have used the footpaths through these woods (Highwoods) for decades and would be very willing to support any petition/application etc. that may be forthcoming.

    There is a long, sad history here of antisocial and anti environmental behaviour which also goes back decades.

    This area of woodland and meadow, so close to Hawkenbury (with it’ soon to be enlarged population) is of huge importance to the wellbeing of the community and should be preserved at all,cost.

  2. Jo Thomas says:

    I was born and brought up in Hawkenbury and spent all my formative years walking, bike riding and latterly horse riding on the bridlepath adjoining the woods . I left Tunbridge Wells in 2013, which makes the best part of 32 years of traversing those woods, not just on the footpaths which were sometimes impassable.

    I remember several occasions when Messrs Bowman were reported for dumping farm waste/slurry in the woods both on and beyond the public footpaths.

  3. Ruth St John says:

    I am also a local resident who has walked/run through these woods on a regular basis (for the last 10 years) and would happily assist with any inquiries. Last year my dog cut his paw badly on broken rubble and/or exposed glass, I have expensive vet bills as documentation….. there appears to be a disregard for others, especially concerning the safety of others. Hawkenbury village is a beautiful place to live, a place we should all cherish…. please feel free to email me.

  4. Elizabeth Harris says:

    In response to Dean Kenward’s article about the latest example of anti-social behaviour by Mr Bowman, I will certainly be writing to express concern about the planning application. Regarding the easement by prescription for the rights-of-way across this piece of High Woods, I can state that I’ve been walking these paths regularly since I moved to Halls Hole Road in 1981 and would be happy to attest to this.

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