Pump Track Survey Information

The Proposal

The HVA are now at a stage where we want to get as much feedback on the pump track idea from residents of Hawkenbury and the wider population of Tunbridge Wells.

The HVA have prepared an information leaflet that details key points of the proposal and why the HVA think it is a good idea.

The following link will take you to a PDF copy of the leaflet.

Click here for Pump Track Information Leaflet

This leaflet will also be dropped through the door of all Hawkenbury residents and emailed directly to all HVA members.

Accompanying this leaflet will be a  feedback form.

We are particularly interested in feedback from those residents of Hawkenbury who will be most effected by the pump track.

This facility will benefit all residents of Tunbridge Wells but those who live closest may have concerns or worries which can be detailed in the feedback form.  We also welcome positive feedback and ideas to improve the proposal.

The HVA plan is to review and collate the feed back and present the results to residents and the council and then it will be used to accompany a potential planning application.