What is a Pump Track like? Our nearest example..

Horsham Pump Track

Horsham pump track was opened in February 2019 it was built as part of a new housing development in Broadbridge Heath on the south west side of Horsham.  It is a very popular facility with the local children of all ages.

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Councillor Nicholas Pope visited the pump track for his own research into exactly what a pump track is all about.  He has kindly given us permission to publish he findings:

At the end of last week, for research purposes, I visited a pump track on the edge of Horsham. Here are my bulleted notes from my visit :

  • The Horsham pump track officially opened in February 2019.
  • It is approximately a mile as a crow flies from the centre of Horsham, close to a residential development, between a main road (A24) and residential properties. (This is a similar distance that the Hawkenbury Recreation Ground is from the Royal Tunbridge Wells town centre.)
  • The nearest residential properties are approximately 80 metres from the pump track.
  • There were 14 youngsters on the pump track when I arrived and 12 when I left.
  • The ages of those present at the time ranged from 11 to 15 years old.
  • The majority had cycled to the pump track on their bicycles.
  • One had been dropped off by a parent.
  • There is very little convenient parking on the roads close to the pump track.
  • All the pump track users remained on the pump track whilst I was there, none used the residential roads or paths except to access the pump track.
  • There was no graffiti and no litter.
  • One child described it as a “wholesome” activity!
  • There was the occasional raised voice across the track.
  • There is no noise from the bicycles on the track like you might hear at a skate board park where the metal structure is raised above the ground.
  • One youngster had cycled to the track with a trailer and had brought a mini BMX stunt bike and a speaker which was playing music.
  • I was told that it was unusual for people to bring a speaker to the track, normally people listen to their own music through earbuds (or headphones).
  • The sound of traffic on the A24 reduced the impact of noise from the pump track on properties nearby.
  • The youngsters were gathered in 2 or 3 groups chatting to each other and taking it in turns to set off on the pump track. (It is possible for several people to use a pump track, but riders cannot ride side by side.)
  • They all seemed very pleasant and many of them had met and made friends with each other at the pump track.
  • They helped each other to improve technique and speed on the track.
  • Children as young as 5 use the pump track. The younger riders usually use the track in the morning.
  • I have since found out that a number of people in the Borough of Tunbridge Wells drive to the Horsham pump track, approximately an hour’s journey away.

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