New Primary School proposal not fit for purpose

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  1. Catherine Henderson says:

    Hi what is the latest on this? We are looking to potentially move to the Berkley development (sorry existing villagers!) and the school is one of our key drivers as our daughter starts 2020. But after reading this I’m concerned we could pay over and above to move there and STILL not get in? I would hope the local authority would refund us our home value if that was tha case?! (ha) keen to hear if anyone has had problems for 2019 intake. Thanks

    • Nicky Green Vitiello says:

      What about the existing villgers who toned down their objections to this montrous development because of the sweetner of a school for their children? They should have priority but they won’t. Before the advent of these 100s of houses one couldn.t get out onto the Forest with the additional 700+cars from this hugr development it would be nigh on imposible. Why would you want to buy a property there,?

  2. nicky green-vitiello says:

    The sweeter for all the dwellings that are to be packed onto Hawkenbury Farmland( which has been proved time and time again not suitable for residential housing )was the fact that a school was to be built. This, at last, would mean harassed Hawkenbury parents avoiding the stress driving their offspring across Tunbridge Wells to far-flung schools. I remember parents in Lambourn Way, Maryland Road and Forest Way were not able to get their children into the nearest schools – Claremont or St Peters and ferrying them out to Fordcombe or St Marks. At last a school on their doorsteps where children could WALK to school. Alas, this seems not to be the case (was it ever?!) The betrayal of Hawkenbury is unforgivable even more so as we learn that local parents will not be able to send their children to this new school but will have to put up with all the incredible traffic & pressure that more than 800 + new residents and cars will bring in the wake of this enormous new town.

  3. Emma Porter says:

    As a (fairly new) resident of Hawkenbury with a toddler due to go to school in September 2021, I was very excited when I first heard of the plans for a new 2-form entry school being built nearby. There are too many horror stories of how hard it is to get into your chosen school when the time comes, I thought we were in luck! To hear that the original, approved plans are potentially now being scrapped is a disgrace and such a shame to hear. I know that I have the views of many a parent with young children in the area, so will share with friends in the area to get them to also speak up. Is there anywhere else we can voice our concerns?

  4. Jeska says:

    As a parent of a (sibling) child at the current St Peter’s CEP school AND an HVA member AND obviously a Hawkenbury resident, I feel very strongly that the school we were promised should be delivered in the very first instance. I appreciate that there will be some measure of suffering to go through before the site is finished but much like the dualling of the A21, it will be well worth it for all of the above excellently enumerated reasons. We need a school in Hawkenbury, St Peter’s is an outstanding school with an excellent leadership team and Berkeley Homes are set to build it for us! The more of us that speak up in support of the two form entry St Peter’s CEP school, hopefully the more likely we are to be taken seriously!

  5. Jennifer Hoellen says:

    I do so hope your well advised and considered letter is instrumental in securing the plans that were outlined in the original agreement. It is nonsensical to build a school that is not immediately fit for purpose.

  6. Bryan Ellis says:

    I live in Hawkenbury Road and as much as I don’t want this whole project to happen, I just have to get on with it.
    Us residents who live right on the edge of the site have been saying for along time now that the School will never be big enough to cope with the demands of a fast growing village.
    If they cannot build a bigger school, then surely it’s worth considering to keep the existing St Peter’s open and have the new School as a separate venture.
    Hawkenbury Primary maybe?
    Or split the School in half and share both sites to allow more entries.
    Surly a common sense plan would make sense over a stupid budget issue that will only prove problematic in the future.
    Get it sorted and done right the first time.
    It’s bad enough that the majority of Hawkenbury residents now have to pay for the privilege to park outside there own homes due to PPP
    Don’t make Hawkenbury village a joke
    And build a school not worth Building !!!

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