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3 Responses

  1. Dean Kenward says:

    Well said, Julia. I agree. I’ll be at the meeting on Friday. Let’s see what happens.

  2. Julia Hepner says:

    Hi hawkenbury! Great that kasia from TWBC took the time to reply. However, surely the company who bid and won the playground works are sufficiently professional to have done at least basic ground surveys to ensure that the equipment they were installing would be fit for purpose? I was involved in be bid process when I was part of the HVA and fully DDA compliant functional equipment which met all EU standards was promised. The roundabout has never worked properly from day one and I have emailed peter every about it on a number of occasions, so we have proof to give to the company in question, that their goods and or installation was not fit for purpose.. Therefore, rather than install a new roundabout, the cost of which comes out of council budgets (which we all know are limited), the commercial enterprise who have failed to provide operational equipment should be coming back and making it good or replacing it. They are obliged to do this as a matter of law, so please don’t waste taxpayers money replacing the roundabout out of council cash and let the playground people off the hook!

  3. Dean Kenward says:

    I received an email from the Council on Thursday regarding the play area.

    “We have ongoing problems with the roundabout, as there are drainage issues in this area and it affects bearings of the roundabout. We have a budget to replace it with a different design roundabout. I am in process of getting quotations now. Also I am exploring cost of replacing some parts of the trim trail equipment.

    Regarding the safety surface, we had a few repairs done this spring. I will have a closer look at the edges and see what can be done to make it safer for children.” Kasia Olszewska – Parks Technical Officer

    Look forward to seeing what the new roundabout looks like.

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