Proposed expansion of the Recreation Ground

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  1. David Brown says:

    I am the executor of my late Mother’s will and am in the process of selling her house in Hawkenbury Mead which is an unadapted Road. The purchasers solicitors have raised the question of ongoing maintenance of this roadway. There is a Bond and Deed of Covenant between the developers, Galliford Sears Homes Ltd, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and Lloyd’s Bank Plc drawn up in 1989 securing a sum of money for the future maintenance of the road and the issue now is whether this sum is sufficient. The developers held on to ownership of this road as a potential valuable asset should permission be given in future for the development of Hawkenbury recreation ground. We have established that Galliford Sears ceased trading in 2016 and have been taken over by Persimmon Homes and my solicitors are now trying to get a response from them on the issue of Hawkenbury Mead.
    I have posted this because of any possible relevance to the future of the recreation ground and it’s proposed expansion. I live near to Claremont School and my daughters live in Maryland Road and Lambourn Road

  2. John Telling says:

    I assume that there is a higher demand for football pitches rather than for facilities for other sports, though it does seem to be football heavy. Local people would benefit from informal facilities such as a perimeter path to walk or jog round, and space for children, and the odd dog to run about. I would definitely like the boundary hedge between the existing and proposed facilities to be retained to break the area up and retain the atmosphere of the existing rec..which benefits from the informal areas under the mature standard trees (probably indicating former woodland). One would hope that landscaping will include planting to generate some visual character for the future. Otherwise it will be football pitch desert. It will definitely impact on nearby residents, so aspects of the development should give some clear benefit to neighbours who don’t play football.

  3. Bryan Ellis says:

    Not overly impressed
    People move to Hawkenbury for a quiet life. It used to be known as the sort of village with a large aging population hence the appeal to live here. It’s starting to get out of control with everything that happening.
    When the all weather sports pitch was redeveloped, we who live opposite are constantly having grief from people just dumping there cars in front of our houses and in our residential parking spaces.
    Also the new school and houses being built will bring its own problems.
    It’s destroying this village, it’s becoming a small town
    I’m sure many people will agree.

  4. Great and better than housing and although I have a football mad son other sports need to be accommodated.

  5. Richard Stuart-Pennink says:

    I agree with the principle that extension of leasure facilities is infinitely preferable to further housing development- the immediate area will already have overburdened local services, traffic density etc. etc. I also agree that, in terms of providing balanced leisure facilities for everyone, the current proposal is too heavily biased on football. I would like to see yes, maybe an all weather football pitch but also provision for though sports – extra tennis court(s); outdoor bowls; golf driving range or maybe even a “crazy golf course” which kids absolutely love and can lead to interest in the real thing! Such a great opportunity needs VERY careful thought and, as the football lobby can be quite compelling, some resistance might be needed. I live in Halls Hole Road.

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