The unkept Hawkenbury Recreation Ground

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  1. Dean Kenward says:

    I received the following response from Peter Every at the council.

    “Thank you for your email and raising the points on the maintenance of the Park, it is my intention to visit the park tomorrow and assess the operations that need to be carried out or have not been carried out to an acceptable standard. I can assure you we will take the appropriate action to ensure the park is returned to the maintenance levels we expect and I will look at all the points you have raised.

    Grass areas

    This year we have experienced exceptional grass growth with a wet spring and the weather continuing to be wet and warm, that said it is no excuse for the length of grass currently in the park.


    Most hedges are now left until July to avoid the bird nesting season although we can cut hedged back by hand if they are causing an obstruction on condition there are no birds nesting in the hedge. I will look at the condition of the hedges on my visit.

    I am concerned to hear they do not have the appropriate equipment although grass cutting is undertaken by a mobile team with a follow up team cutting the areas the larger machines cant get, this is also the case for hedge cutting. I will of course ask the staff on site what equipment they have available and discuss with the contract manager.

    The dead tree is scheduled to be removed by our tree contractors although it is our intention to leave the as much of the stump as possible given the amount of insect life currently in the wood.

    I will be meeting with the contract manager later this week to discuss this and other issues within the contract.”

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