Winter 2017 Newsletter

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  1. Nigel Stevens says:

    I noticed in the latest HVA newsletter that you were looking for ideas how the community investment funds (s106) from Berkeley Homes may be used for small local projects and would like to suggest the following: 1. All weather tennis courts – My family have often used the Hawkenbury Rec tennis courts over many years and they are a wonderful facility, however the grass courts use is restricted by season and weather and the one all weather court is not sufficient, particularly with the increase of population the new housing development will bring. We would welcome more all weather courts, even is this was at the expense of one or more of the grass courts. 2. Improved Dunorlan Park pavements – Some of the pavements, particularly where you approach the lake from Bayhall Road, can become waterlogged and stodgy with mud after rain and not easy for pushchair or wheelchair access. I would suggest raising the pavements and covering them to the same good quality as the circular path around the lake. I hope you will be able to put these forward to the appropriate authorities and please don’t hesitate to let me know if you need any further information. Kind regards,

  2. Ben Hallett says:

    HI, I would like to make a proposal for use of S106 monies in the Hawkenbury Recreation Ground. I have put together a small power point presentation to provide you with more information. Can you send me an email address to send it to?

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