The Pump Track Design

What will it look like

In 2019 the HVA commissioned a Pump Track design by a company call Velosolutions UK.  Velosolutions are a global brand specialising in the design of tarmac pumps tracks.  They have installed pump tracks all over the world.

In the early days the council had indicated that the ‘Old Bowling Green’ was a site that could be used for a pump track.  However this site was withdrawn as it is planned to become part of the sports hub and will be turned into a football field.

The council then proposed the site adjacent to the Astroturf pitch as an option for the pump track as it is level and has good access and is central to the park.

Based on this information the HVA asked Velosolutions to come up with a design to fit  the constraints of this site.

The image below is the resulting design which considers the established oak trees (T1, T2 & T3), the nearby residents and the shape of the site.  The track length is about 150m in total.

The young sapling trees currently growing on the site would be moved and added to the perimeter of the track to provide more screening to residents property.

What can be said is that the final plans for the sports hub has not yet been decided, the purchase of the additional space has not yet been completed.  The final decision will be made by the borough  councillors.

So the pump track could still be located on the ‘Old Bowling Green’ site or somewhere else in the Recreation ground if this was a clear outcome of the consultation currently being held.