HVA Response to the Local Plan and TWFC Stadium

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1 Response

  1. Michael Boyle says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am responding in my capacity as Co-Chairman of Tunbridge Wells Football Club.

    Firstly, may I note that that Tunbridge Wells Football Club entirely respects the right of Hawkenbury Village Association to make representation to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council in response to the Draft Local Plan.

    Tunbridge Wells Football Club will vigorously defend is its good name and reputation. The incident on October 5th 2019, to which you refer, is subject to ongoing police investigation. Your statement that “TWFC has a reputation for anti-social behaviour with a report of its supporters leaving children traumatised after a huge brawl” is inaccurate and unfounded. There is no suggestion in the article reported on KentLive that the supporters of Tunbridge Wells Football Club were in any way responsible.

    I include a link to the article below.


    On behalf of Tunbridge Wells Football Club, I respectfully ask you that you withdraw or correct your statement. Given the ongoing police investigations, your comments are prejudicial and I am sure you will fully appreciate how damaging inaccurate public statements like this could be to TWFC and why we will take whatever steps as may be necessary in order to protect our reputation.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Michael Boyle
    Co-Chairman, Tunbridge Wells Football Club

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